Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Abilene

This family’s Abilene home suffered severe damage from what was likely an electrical fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house... READ MORE

Smoke and Fire Cleanup

The house fire in this rental was extinguished fast, but not before the smoke had circulated throughout the residence. The investor, having worked with SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Security Offices

Water damage at this Security office building was caused by a water pipe joint within the walls failing. As the photo shows, the walls, baseboard, and carpeting... READ MORE

Abilene Water Damaged Closet

An exterior water faucet ran and flooded the walls and laminated flooring inside this Abilene master bedroom area. Our customer attempted to mop up the water, b... READ MORE

Water Damage in an Abilene Bathroom

Sometimes water damage is hidden. Leaks from plumbing that resides under cabinets and behind walls can cause a significant amount of damage before discovering l... READ MORE

SERVPRO Saves an Abilene Shop After a Water/Mold Loss

The retail shop owner knew to call SERVPRO of Abilene upon discovering that a persistent leak led to a big and smelly mold attack. Our technician applied microb... READ MORE

Gym Floor Damaged by Water

The water flowed freely onto the hardwood gymnasium floor in. It was unfortunately not noticed for an almost 24 hour period resulting in seepage into the plywoo... READ MORE

Home Fire

We are SERVPRO of Abilene serving, among others, the Snyder, Sweetwater, Clyde, Cisco, Eastland and the surrounding communities - We are the Fire, Water, Mold, ... READ MORE

Mold Behind Baseboards

What not to do after a water damage. Sadly we see mold a lot more often than people might expect and it is usually for the same reason, a botched water loss job... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bathroom

Metal studs are often the culprit to having more damage than is expected. Water Pooling in Metal Studs The metal studs are placed inside a baseplate that is sha... READ MORE